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Dojo affiliation   www.internationalkaratedaigaku.com/

Tel: 416-694-8694       E-mail: hq@ikdhonbu.com


of the IKD

To qualify for Team Ontario, members of an IKD Ontario Dojo must participate in the Provincial, and National Tournaments.


Qualified members are then selected to participate at the World Level. 


Athletes participate in the following categories:


Individual Kata: One member performs a set of official, pre-set sequences of karate techniques.


Individual Kumite: One member spars against an opponent.


Team Kata: Three members simultaneously perform a set of official, pre-set sequences of karate techniques, in a synchronized manner.


Team Bunkai: Three members demonstrate the application of a Kata (an official, pre-set series of karate techniques) by attacking and defending against each other based on the Kata techniques.


Team Enbu: Three members demonstrate the techniques of Karate based on their own interpretation and choreography, in a series of creative offensive and defensive scenarios. 


Team Kumite: A team of three members each takes a turn sparring against opponents in a "best out of three" match. 



Tournament Training: Begins
February 1st, 2020
2020 IKD Ontario Cup April 25th,2020