ikd world camp

Greetings and welcome to the tenth - 2020 IKD World Camp! We are back at Jackson Point Camp in beautiful Georgina, Ontario. One-hour drive north of Toronto making it easily accessible from IKD HQ, Pearson International Airport and downtown Toronto.   

History of IKD World Camp Features:

  • 2011 - Swearing in Ceremony of Shuseki Shihan and two deputies and adoption of the Haori

  • 2012 - Adoption of the IKD Kyu and Dan Examination Syllabus

  • 2013- Adoption of IKD Passports and the Instructor Training Programme

  • 2014 - A New Method of Teaching: kihon, kumite, team kata, team kata, bunaki and enbu

  • 2015 - General Membership participation and disussion of the new IKD Tournament Rules.

  • 2016 - Introduction of Oyo and Traditional Weapons

  • 2017 - The Science of IKD Karate

  • 2018 - FW 50 Years of Teaching and Elite Karate Training. Second Edition IKD Passport

  • 2019 - FW 55 Years Training Celebration and IKD Distingusihed Awards Gala

  • 2020 - IKD's 10th Anniversary Events/Introduction of judge's tropical unifrom the Jinbaori

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